A day at the farm…

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Yesterday, we went to Fink’s Farm out in Manorville.  We had a blast!  My husband and I, his two sisters, one brother0-in-law and our respective neices…(one 10 years old, and one just over 2 months old.)  I think the 10 year old had more fun!  The farm was beautiful, fresh pumpkins to pick on the vine, fun games like the corn cannon and pumpkin slingshot.  It wasn’t too overly crowded unless you wanted something to eat or drink.  The lines were ridiculous to get a soda, for example.  

Our first stop was the petting zoo…we get some feed and fed the goats and sheep, got up close and personal with friendly and beutiful horse, and when we came across the chicken coop…I realized that my dreams of one day tending chickens were fizzling away.  What filthy creatures!  Maybe it’s just how they tended the place… but everything just looked disgusting.  Feather bits everywhere, ad the poop…oh my goodness.  But we had a ball in there, seeing the cute and fuzzies up close…bunnies, goats, cow, the the big fat pig hiding in his food trough. 

Next came the pumpkin slingshot/corn cannon.  I surrendered my slingshot tickt to my neice, as did the rest of us…my hubby got in there with her and they went nuts shooting off tiny little gourds into the distance.  Too much fun.  The corn cannon I did, $1.00 bought 3 shots…boy is that thing loud!  Whew!  I screamed! 

Next was the corn maze…My 10 year old neice and I got lost in the corn maze…we separated from the group and wound up walking in circles for a long time!  Finally, my husband had the idea to toss dead ears of corn up in the air really high, so we knew where each of us were.  Needless to say, we found our way out and live to tell the tale.  It’s scary being stuck amongst rows of corn when you need a restroom though.

After we emerged from the stalks of corn…we made our way over to the pumpkin patch.   It was absolutely breathtaking, the sight of the green cornstalks, the orange pumpkins, the clusters of familes, against a bright blue fall sky.  Definitely a day to remember.  Without considering the cost per pound of a pumpkin, I headed straight for the largest sucker I could find!  And then I found him a little brother.  It total, we had about 30 pounds of pumkin!  Two pumpkins, 30 pounds!  Cost us a few bucks…but I can’t wait to carve them out for Halloween!

WHen we were done pumpkin picking, we strolled over toward the ‘pig races.’  What a let down…haha…a few pigs meandering through some some sort of ‘track…’ they were just nibbling on grass, really, not much racing going on.  But they were cute. 

We decided we were all about done, and I had the idea to head back home, start up a fire in the pit out back,  roast up some corn, and BBQ on it and enjoy the rest of the evening in style.  So my neice and I ( the ten year old, of course) walked to the farmstand in front and picked out 8 nice ears of corn.  And I was taken in by the stunning sunflowers for sale!  Pricey, but I can’t remember the last time I had fresh, beautiful flowers to gaze at.  I asked my neice to find the best bunch there was.  Then we all head home…to rest and relax and fatten our bellies with some delicious comfort food.  A good day.  A very good day.  My cup is full 🙂

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