Dogs, Part I

Our first pooch, Sammy...

My hubby and I have had quite an experience along the road to finding our beloved dog, Buddy.

 When we first decided to adopt, we went to a few shelters with an idea of a too-cute puppy, a baby…

First we stopped at Little Shelter in Huntington.  A great, small shelter, and I love what they do there.  However, we did not find the pup we wanted there, no ‘connections…’   

We got to NSAL (North Shore Animal League America) and glanced around the place…and then found our way to the puppy room.  Here, I fell in love with so many little lab mixes and other mutts, and ALL of them had little stickers on their cages indicating that they had respiratory infections…but this little guy with big dark eyes, and gorgeous spots was thrust into my arms…and I fell in love right away.  We called him Sammy.

When we first got him home, he jumped and frolicked and bounded and bounced like any new puppy would.  A few days later, I heard the dreaded wheeze and hacking…kennel cough.  A short visit to the vet, some meds, no problem.  But the cough got worse, and then there were more meds.  The poor little guy wanted nothing more than to love us and make us happy, but he just felt awful…I could tell.  Feverish.  Coughing.  Throwing up.  More vet visits…and finally we had to take him back to NSAL to their clinic. 

We got to stop in and see Sammy a few times, which was bittersweet…he was getting sicker and sicker.  Inevitably, we lost him to whatever sickness had befallen him.  They told us parvo, but I still don’t believe that was it…  We were torn apart…we’d known him for 10 days, but were torn apart.

It’s incredible how you can love something so much, so fast…


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