By Stacie H. Evers

September 27, 2010

Category: Life

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So I’ve come to the conclusion that no one wants to read about me eating leftovers.  Or, rather, I don’t care about writing blogs about soup, and other such leftovers.  I better stick to what I am good at…which is your basic venting, story-telling, letting people into the secret realm of chaos that is my life. 

Chaos.  For example, I was looking for my camera the other day…not hard to miss considering that it’s kept in a bright purple carrying case.  Could not find it in all the usual places.  So, at the end of the day, where was it?  In the blender.  Well, not exactly…it’s more of a stand-mixer, one of the big Kitchen Aid ones…bought after my wedding with all the BBB giftcards I got.  🙂

The point is…how does one’s life get so disorganized that one’s camera is found in the blender?  I mean MIXER!  Argh, ridiculous.

The mixer is on the right side of lowboy (more on ‘him later,’ ‘he’ is furniture…) and when I fly in the door from work or wherever, I plop stuff down right there just to get things out of my hands.  I am always carrying too many things.  So somehow, for some reason, I must have decided to plop my camera in the blender.  (Sorry, I’m just calling it that.  Deal.)  And I had forgotten all about it…until the other day.

That’s basically our lives, my hubby’s and mine.  Chaos, with sprinkles of good times and laughter here and there.  It’s been a rough road, but worth every minute.

I do need to take a class in organization I think…when you’re always sort of pressed for time, it’s easy to misplace things if you don’t have a sytem.  We definitely need a system.  I keep saying I will spend a weekend getting everything sorted, everything will have a home…but I never get it done. 

In other news, I made two apple pies on Saturday night.  One regular flaky crust, one french crumb.  Both delicious.  All those Ginger Gold apples I got were starting to turn…but let me tell you something, in case you didn’t know. 

If you’re apples get a tiny bit yucky, with little brownish bruises…don’t chuck ’em out!  Sometimes they make the best pies!  (I’m not talking about when they get all gamey and slimey, if they smell like pig feet…toss ’em.)

So maybe I”ll change the name of my blog to…I Found my Camera in the Blender…


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