The Daily Dreaded Commute

By Stacie H. Evers

September 28, 2010

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My daily commute...

It’s not so bad when I first leave…there is definitely less volume further east.  But once I start hitting the 50-something exits…it gets crazy.  Here is why my life is so off-kilter…I wake up about 7 am, take a quick shower, pack a lunch, grab some breakfast to eat on the road, get dressed and throw some makeup on.  I sit in the car rocking out to my own private concert for about…an hour-and-a-half…sometimes less and sometimes more.  I get to work, and plop myself back down into another chair, until lunchtime.  Although I do try to get up and move around, desperate for any excuse to leave the Reference Desk…just to stretch my legs!

I spend about 3 hours in the car per work day.  That’s a minimum of 15 hours per week.  And when I work Sundays…it goes higher…oh, what I could do with that time…

I get home from work about 7 pm, and have to eat dinner.  When I get lazy and just need to eat fast because I’m starving… (which is so often it’s ridiculous) I stop on the way and get take -out.  Add that to having been a new non-smoker for the past 3 1/2 months…and you have a weight problem.  When I feel ambitious, and just can’t stand anymore take-out, I make my dinner.  Healthy, delicious – yes.  However, I don’t get to eat until 8:30 or later. 

But, we’ve decided to get pro-active.  Stocked up the place with food, and found some slow-cooker recipes.  If we load up the slow-cooker before Hubby leaves, then dinner is just ready and simmering by the time I get home.  Maybe I have to make some rice or salad to go with it, but otherwise…quick and easy.  Let’s hope this works!

It’s been about 4 years living with this schedule…go to bed, wake up, rush…get in the car for almost 2 hours, work for 8 with a quick hour for lunch, then back in the car for another almost 2 hours…quick dinner, relax for a moment…dishes perhaps, and ‘do I have any clean clothes anywhere?’  ‘Did I pay my bills?’  And ‘I’ll do that on the weekend…’ …it’s definitely chaos.  And then the weekend comes, and I do all the things I put off during the week.  Hopefully, I remember to relax and enjoy myself, and remember why it is that I put up with all of this.  Once upon a time I was so carefree and relaxed, one might call me hippie.  What happened? 

I am exhausted.  Spent.  Burnt out.  But I get up every day and keep doing it…because I am hopeful that things will change.  They will change, more sooner than later, it’s just been a hard long road.  Living in the vicinity of “the highest cost-of-living in the country” doesn’t help matters… but a change is gonna come…

My life is so unbalanced that it causes stress which causes health crises.  Note to self: insist on taking a hot bath once a week…light a candle…listen to some soothing music…do some yoga.  But that’s just it…I never do.  Go, go, go all the time.  Sometimes my husband laughs at me, and sort of yells at me to take a break.  And that helps, when he says, ‘it’s okay, you’ve done enough baby, relax…’ 

So…I am on a mission to get our place organized.  Minimize.  Less clutter.  Toss stuff out, sell it, or donate it.  Or pack it away if it’s not used that often.  I just need the motivation…as I may have mentioned, I don’t have  A LOT of free time… :-p  But once I have the right framework, I can work daily relaxation into the routine.  I can dream, can’t I? 

If it weren’t for my hubby and my dog…I might be in the looney bin.  They make life enjoyable and make it all worth it.

Wish me luck!  The big clock is ticking…who wants to spend their days feeling stressed out and annoyed?  If I can re-prioritize and manage time better, what free time I do have, then I can make more room for fun.  That’s what it’s all about…smiles.  Not frowns.  🙂


One Response to “The Daily Dreaded Commute”

  1. I can relate from my own life. Made a change a couple years ago and enjoying life much more now. Left the corporate life and never regreted it….miss the salary at times and security that the job brought but life is better. Chase what you love and not the money and things will work out for you.

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