Lunch a la Vegas

Fontana inspired fruit and cheese lunch

I was packing up my lunch this morning…and realized that I didn’t want leftovers.  I didn’t want to have any more of the center-cut pork chops over scalloped potatoes we made last night.  (We added too much butter and not enough flour…kind of heavy and stomach-ache inducing.)  Was trying to replicate an old family recipe and it didn’t work.

So…I remembered the gorgeous cheese I bought at Whole Foods…and the beautiful organic red grapes…and was reminded of the time we had drinks at Fontana at the Bellagio in Vegas, on our Honeymoon.  We sat outside on the balcony, had an amazing show watching the fountains, listening to the music, enjoying some drinks, and we ordered this delightful appetizer…like a tasting portion of gourmet cheese, fruit, and such.  I loved it.  NO big fancy sit-down dinner…just some simple, delicious food and great ambiance.  That night was definitely one of the highlights of the trip…

So that’s what I am doing for lunch today.  I’ve got a wedge of Mammoth Cheddar, aged over 60 years.  A nice hunk of Parisian Brie.  A bunch of glistening red grapes.  All I’m missing is the tart apple slices…but I can pick one up at Green Wagon.  Adding a handful of raw walnuts to the mix. 

Light, simple, easy, and yet…a bit decadent.  Who says lunch always has to be predictable.


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